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Sporty Gym Bag



This gym duffle bag is perfect for all your sports and fitness needs. With a separate compartment for wet items, you can easily store your sweaty clothes, swimwear, or towels without worrying about them dirtying the rest of your belongings. The bag is versatile and can be used as a gym bag, beach bag, or weekender bag. It even comes with an extra drawstring backpack for added convenience. Made from sturdy and durable materials, this bag is built to last. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going on a weekend trip, or heading to the beach, this gym duffle bag is your perfect companion.

Dimensions:19 x 8.7 x 10.2 inches

Weight:1.2 Pounds

Materials:fabric, plastic, metal

Color:pink, white, black

Included:Extra drawstring backpack

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